Client testimonials

As opposed to previous professionals I have worked with, I now think of our sessions as a ’lab room’ for the real world.These teachings over our time together have been utterly profound. Making me aware of the wider picture and consequently guidance to a different path. I now have a career and an in a position in life I never thought I was capable or worthy of.


I'ma GP. I've been seeing Dr Isabelle Miclette for the last 6 months for myself.I'm very impressed with her skill and approach. I've recommended some of my own patients to see her. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, empathetic and easy to talk to. I'll highly recommend her as a psychologist. 

Isabelle has undoubtedly changed my life. The way I now see myself and my ability to handle situations has adapted more than I ever thought possible. I suffered from PTSD and an anxiety disorder with little hope of ever getting through it.After seeing many therapist over the years, Isabelle was my saving grace. I have now recommended other friends and family members to see her and they have all benefited just like I have. I will not hesitate to return to her in future if I ever feel the need. She is truly brilliant at what’s she does!  

Isabelle's support and guidance has been life changing for me. She has helped me grow in confidence and learn more about myself. She has given me the tools to deal with difficult situations and navigate change. This was especially true when I became a new mum with a young baby and navigating change in my relationships, marriage, and work.  I am calmer, more grounded, and more self-aware because of our work together.

Consultant, mother, wife

I have a history of depression and anxiety and have been seeing Isabelle for a few months. She is calm, empathic, and genuine and is able to challenge my thinking, without it feeling like it is criticism (I have a tendency to take things personally)! She can put me at ease quickly and provides useful advice and tools for me to take away and incorporate into my day to day. I have seen a huge amount of benefit in seeing Isabelle in such a short amount of time.


Dr. Isabelle is very professional & approachable & attentive. She has given me good coping techniques (including breathing skills) whilst also provided me with different perspectives. She can also empathise such thatI feel comfortable to discuss with her.


Isabelle was most helpful in helping me understand how to better communicate with my elderly mother whose mental and emotional wellbeing has suffered from an extended period in Covid-imposed lockdown.


I have been seeing Isabelle for the last 3 months or so and she has been a wonderful resource. I was initially nervous but her warmth, empathy and professionalism soon put me at my ease. Isabelle is helping me work through my areas of concern with wonderful sensitivity - pushing where I need to be challenged, but allowing me to process all her input and accept new thought processes. She provides a safe space to explore thoughts and I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I have found Isabelle relaxed and easy to communicate with. Her approach is non-judgemental which makes it easy to discuss troubling issues. It has been very beneficial to me to have an external perspective on things with which I have struggled to process and find my way through.

Masters student

I was wanting to send you sincere thanks for all your help this year. You always made me feel comfortable in each session, allowing me to not feel judged by my actions or decisions. You always allowed me to feel like I was in a safe place and could say what I was feeling.  It was an extremely emotional tough time in my life and you never judged me and made me feel that I was ok to feel down and that I wasn’t a bad person/mother. You gave logical advice, guidance, support and reassurance when I was second guessing myself.  I will always be grateful that I found you and I would highly recommend you to any family or friends that are needing help.   Thank you.


Getting to talk with Isabelle, I would always feel safe and supported through what was going on for me. I always left her sessions feeling assured and well supported.Having someone to go to like her was amazing during a tough time in my life.


I’ve been seeing Isabelle for almost 3 months, and when I met her, I wasn’t in a good place. I had a long-standing problem with drugs and alcohol and was swimming in a mess of negative ruminating thoughts. Isabelle is not the first person I have sought help from in the past and immediately I felt a connection, something I haven’t been able to establish with previous counsellors. I went into this with two broad goals of growing emotionally and spiritually and very soon down the track I already see myself achieving these. I am now drug and alcohol free, and mentally in the best space of my life and Isabelle has played a key role in this, coaching me through this wonderful journey. I love the way Isabelle makes me explore my thoughts and I walk away from every catch-up with something that helps me build and grow and become more in touch with myself. I feel well and in control and despite this I am always looking forward to my next visit.